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We believe that good human resources management makes great business sense. Using our services can help avoid costly mistakes. The results of which can be possible litigation and disenfranchise staff.  Furthermore, poor HR practices can diminish your corporate reputation and the power to attract good staff. We often hear that staff are an organisation’s most precious resource, so, do your human resource policies and practices align with that comment?

HR by Design can provide services on a project, assignment or retained basis.

Strategic HR services are about designing and implementing human resource activities that support your business strategy.  In other words, how is your organisation planning to grow and what HR capability will be needed to get you there?

Operational HR services are about designing practices and processes that support your business leaders and managers to use their staff by more effectively.

Human Resources Management Consulting

We consult across a range of human resource platforms.

We leverage our experience and stay up-to-date on recent developments so you can focus on other priorities. Your situation is as unique as your business, and you need to know that your human resource needs are being met.

Examples of Human Resources by Designs’ assignments include:

  • Supporting CEO’s in organisations with strategic HR planning.
  • Partnering with human resources departments to provide specialist expertise
  • Conducting investigations into allegations of workplace bullying
  • Setting up HR practices and processes where there are none
  • Designing organisational restructures and communication plans
  • Redundancy planning, communication and execution
  • Investigating performance issues, providing advice and mediation between employee and employer.
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Advice on poor performance leading to termination
  • Providing advice on and reviewing executive contracts
  • Human resources contracting
  • Confidante to CEO’s, MD’s, and Senior HR practitioners in relation to business issues

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Leadership Development

At HR by Design, leadership is about qualities, behaviours and characteristics. That is behaviours that inspire and engage employee’s hearts and minds. The result being that business objectives are met within an organisational culture of high achievement and positivity.

The type of leadership that defines successful organisations is called transformational leadership which is about behaviours and traits. In our leadership development programs, you will obtain feedback, using our leadership competency framework, on Leading the Organisation, Leading Others and Leading Yourself. This feedback will result in a comprehensive development planning and coaching process.

HR by Design will partner with you to link learning experiences, activities and outcomes to your business outcomes, vision, mission and values. Using a range of best in class tools for executive leaders, less experienced leaders, new leaders and graduates we able to individualise the leadership development program based on reliable and valid data of like groups of individuals.

Our leadership development program also identifies potential career derailment issues.  Previous participants have found invaluable.

Change Management

Change management is the new constant in organisations and responding to constant change is most cited as the biggest challenge in organisations today. The ability to manage the change processes, changing environments and provide leadership to staff has become a core competency for most business leaders.

If your organisation is undergoing significant change HR by Design can partner with you to manage the change management process from strategy, planning, execution through to consolidation.

We work within a framework of your entire organisation system: people, processes, structures and technology. As no part of an organisation exists in isolation. As a result, we attach considerable importance to the inter-relatedness and inter-dependency of the organisation system.

Consequently, if you alter one part of the system there will be a change in the remaining parts of the system. Whether the initial change and the subsequent effect on other organisation systems are positive or negative will be determined by a myriad of complex factors

Change management is never easy and while this explanation may seem simple, we recognise that organisations today are extremely complex entities operating in constantly changing, significantly complicated, sometimes hostile external environment

Learning & Development

Learning and Development is about an organisation having an ongoing commitment to develop their people. As a result, your organisation can meet business objectives pragmatically, face market challenges creatively and comply with the requirements of various pieces of legislation. Staff can also benefit by broadening their knowledge and skill sets. This can result in greater self awareness, job satisfaction, better promotional opportunities and the development of a broader perspectives.

To learn something new or deepening one’s current understanding takes time, conscious effort, a period of assimilation and some time for contemplation. Mug and jug training simply does not work!

Our learning and development programs use a best practice approach to design, develop, deliver and manage the process.

  • HR by Design: We have a large catalogue of  different learning and development programs that can be mixed and matched to suite your organisation’s needs
  • Partial Customisation: Your Brand using HR by Design programs from our learning and development catalogue
  • Complete Customisation: Based on your brief or needs analysis, we will design and build a learning and development program for your organisation

We will partner with you to provide an end-to-end service for learning and development activities.

Coaching & Mentoring


Coach everyone so they can say, I’m a better performer!

Did you know that 86% of executives were effective at improving their performance because of coaching in highly satisfied organisations? (Human Capital: November 2011)

Coaching is an ongoing conversation about learning something new, changing behaviours or transforming yourself in some way. It is a collaborative process and is always focused on managers and leaders achieving a predetermined set of objectives.

Coaching may be done on an individual or group basis and conducted at various levels in an organisation.

HR by Design’s team of experienced organisation coaches are available to support your coaching programs with, Executives, Intact executive teams , Middle management, Performance issues, Skills development, Job ready preparation, Teams and groups, and Career coaching.

Where appropriate, we utilise 360° feedback to assist the Coachee have a baseline for their development and gain valuable insights about how they are perceived by their boss, peers, subordinates and others. We can extend this reach to clients and external third parties as well.


Mentor solid performers so they can say, I’m a better person!

Did you know that 91% of executives were effective at improving their performance because of mentoring in highly satisfied organisations? (Human Capital: November 2011)

Mentoring has a broader reach than coaching however coaching may be part of the mentoring process. Although these terms are often used interchangeably they are quite different in the focus.

Mentoring is done on a one on one basis and would be usually provided for staff at more senior levels of your organisation.

On-line Learning

We are currently building a suite of on-line learning programs. Our focus is will be for executives, middle managers and upwardly mobile individuals who want to develop their soft skills and need access to quality compressed information.

Nothing Surprises Me

I’m an HR Professional!

Human resources (HR) work is like rewiring the house with the lights on! Consequently, getting it wrong can cost your organisation dearly. As a result, lost productivity, increased levels of conflict, lack of employee engagement, lack of loyalty along with lowered morale often results in good employees leaving the organisation for greener pastures.

There is no doubt, good HR makes great business sense!

We leverage our experience and stay up-to-date on recent developments to provide HR services so you can focus on other priorities. Your situation is as unique as your business, and you need to know that your human resource needs are being met.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams