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Need help with Human Resources (HR)?

We are told by many leaders that it is the human resources issues that keep them up at night! Of course, it is also important to acknowledge that the majority of employees are good people who come to work to do a good job. We can help you:

  • build great organisation cultures
  • assist with strategic planning
  • develop leaders at all levels
  • conduct needs analysis which may result in re-designing organisation structures, interventions or training
  • develop learning programs
  • develop human resources policies and practices (or at least review and revamp them)
  • coach teams and individuals.

All of which we have access to first class tools.

However, it also seems that in most organisations there are a small percentage of individuals that can be difficult to manage, can’t seem to get along with colleagues and cause all sorts of workplace havoc to themselves and others. Unfortunately, the effect this can have on other staff significantly impact the motivations of other people and performance outcomes.

These days, navigating through human resource issues is a potential minefield.  We want to ensure you have your human resources department set up to be as effective as possible so it achieves a balance between effective performance and satisfied employees. If you do not have the human resources department we want to ensure that your line managers are equipped to deal with the human resource challenges they may face.

Even the most seasoned professionals shudder at the thought of having a difficult conversation, managing poor performance, sensitively navigating a redundancy or even termination. Unfortunately, these situations are a fact of life and need to be conducted in an impartial manner while complying with due diligence and procedural fairness. We can support and coach you through these situations.

HR mistakes may cost you dearly. We are here to make your job easier.

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Human Resources Build Talent

If you want to build the business, build the people!

Human Resources (HR) by Design Services

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Coach everyone so they can say, “I’m a better performer!” Did you know that 86% of executives were effective at improving their performance because of coaching in highly satisfied organisations?  Mentor solid performers so they can say, I’m a better person! Mentoring has a broader reach than coaching, however, coaching may be part of the mentoring process.

Change Management

Successful change management starts at the top and is usually  triggered by a strategic business need to do something differently or introduce something new. Are your leaders equipped to lead and manage the change process? Will your staff be ready to make change happen?

Leadership Development

At HR by Design, leadership is about the qualities, behaviours and characteristics demonstrated that inspire and engage employee’s hearts and minds. The result being that business objectives are met within an organisational culture of high achievement and positive engagement.

Online Learning

Online Learning

We are currently building a suite of on-line learning programs. Our focus  will be for executives, middle managers and upwardly mobile individuals who want to develop their soft skills and need access to quality compressed information.

HR Consulting

At HR by Design we believe that good human resources management makes great business sense because it can avoid costly mistakes, diminished corporate reputation, possible litigation and disenfranchised staff. We draw on a creative combination of experience and subject knowledge and tailor our approach to suit your organisation.

Learning & Development

Learning and Development is about an organisation having an ongoing commitment to develop their people. HR by Design can help your organisation meet business objectives pragmatically, face market challenges creatively and comply with the requirements of various pieces of legislation.

Why Human Resources (HR) by Design?

Managing Change

Change is the new constant in business and your capacity to respond to it will impact your success. HR by Design will look at your organisation holistically to understand the challenges you face managing and embedding change. We can assist you by making change less daunting.

Achieving Your Goals

After an in-depth consultation (needs analysis), clarified scope of work and agreement of deliverables, HR by Design will work with you to achieve your goals, within agreed time-frames and budgets.

Collaborative Partnerships

Building collaborative partnerships that jointly strive for results is important to HR by Design. We consider it a privilege to become an extension of your HR team to create a great working environment and find solutions to problems.

Best in Class Tools

We are accredited to use the ‘best in class’ development tools available such as MBTI®, Emotional Intelligence®, FiroB®, Belbins®, Benchmarks®, SKILLSCOPE®. HR by Design uses time tested concepts and methods to achieve your goals.

Industrial Context

HR by Design will provide you with practical, workable solutions because we understand the complexity, legal context and increasing challenges that underpins most activities in today’s workplace.

Seasoned Professionals

HR by Design can guide you to solutions that work. We are proud of our associates who are all highly skilled, whether it be psychological expertise, recruitment services, outdoor learning experiences or the co- creation of workplace programs.