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Making Virtual Learning Work

Online on-demand has many benefits, and it’s a great methodology yet lacks the human experience, something participants crave! Helen Hartley of Human Resouces by Design (HRbD) knows how to design learning. She has been doing it for many years, in different settings, industries, across cultures and with diverse groups of people. Using feedback gained in more recent and challenging times, she thought there had to be a better way than just doing online on-demand.

We have a unique way of wrapping Momentum, so participants are in a live group setting and have continued access to their sessions, no matter where they are geographically located.

We successfully adopted curriculum design and adapted traditional learning principles to the virtual world. Our methodology makes our approach to developing leaders unique, content-rich and personable.

Momentum is a leadership development program designed for leaders at any level that inspires and motivates participants to develop a deeper understanding of people skills. As a consequence, their capacity to lead significantly increases. We all know that some individuals are appointed to leadership positions because of superior technical expertise, yet all too often, they may struggle with people skills. It is not surprising because it was probably never taught! Appointing someone to a leadership role does not bestow these skills, yet they can be learned.

Remote Learning Network

Momentum uses pre- and post-program assessments to measure knowledge transfer, world-class psychological assessments, and time-tested tools that enable participants to utilise session knowledge back in the workplace easily. This combination results in greater uptake of learnings, resulting in more effective communication, more engaging leadership, proactive people management and pro-active coaching capabilities.

Leadership is a Career Change!

If you want to do your leadership job effectively and become a great leader, you will need to use a vastly different set of skills on a daily basis that got you to where you are today. Skills you likely haven’t developed and are unaware of. Momentum is designed for this very purpose.

Momentum has two pathways, illustrated below,  that are delivered in tandem to provide for one of the best learning opportunities possible with the following outcomes:

  • Build their personal effectiveness as a leader through a robust experiential program that enables self-management through self-understanding.
  • Through the development of a set of leadership and communication skills that can be translated simply and effectively into the workplace.
  • Develop behaviours and resources that support the ongoing development of business leaders.

Global or Local Delivery?

In a global environment, it is important to consider the cultural context within which participants belong and for them to consider the implications of any actions they take. The benefit is that we do not assume western models will work or be appropriate in all cultures. Our models, although very well researched, are not imposed on the participants and discussed within the cultural context. We have had some deeply revealing discussions when working across cultures.

Momentum Model

The Structured Component

We use a buddy process, and along with the pre & post-assessment identified above, participants receive prework and in-between session assignments.  We encourage participants to keep a journal to capture their thoughts, feelings and reactions as they go through the program.  As participants try on new behaviours, capturing the reactions of others has proven to be a great reflective strategy.

Over a period of six months, Momentum participants will deep dive into:

  • Leadership and Integrity – aligning your personal values and creating your leadership brand, and self-care
  • Leading Myself – who am I? personal discovery and identifying your default conflict style
  • Leading Others – how groups work, manage conflict and build trust through psychological safety
  • Leaders as Coach – core coaching skills, giving and receiving feedback with an emphasis on timing
  • Leading Performance – tracking and sustaining high performance along with strategies for having difficult conversations.
  • Adaptable Leadership – flexing or pivoting in response to differing contexts, personalities and changing situations, connecting the dots.

We encourage fun and robust two-way conversations that also draw from the experiences with the group.

The One-to-One Component

We facilitate a learning process with each participant based on the selected psychological assessments chosen by the organisation. We work with your organisation to determine which of our assessments are best suited to achieve your desired program outcomes.

Assessment tools provide a useful lens through which to have developmental conversations. They serve as a starting point and help participants realise their potential by identifying their strengths and areas of improvement. Although data is not the total answer, it’s a great starting point!

In conversation with their coach, participants clarify developmental objectives, decide on strategies and during the program, check their performance against their objectives during the program, and decide who can assist in their developmental journey. They also identify any additional resources they might need to accomplish their objectives. They are allocated 3 formal coaching sessions, and participants can book time with their coach as needed during the program. This forms part of our value add-on. For example, it may take checking in with their coach just before having a difficult conversation or some other situation they might like to ‘bounce’ an idea off.

All one-to-one conversations remain confidential. However, participants are asked to provide a high-level summary to their organisation that becomes part of their ongoing development process. In this way, Momentum supports embedding continuous leadership development into your organisation and seeing good leadership (aka thoughtful leaders) as part of the collective leadership philosophy with common language and understanding.

When the Momentum program concludes, the development baton is passed back to the organisation with the help of web-based access back to the Momentum Program. In this way, the organisation can continue to support the individual’s growth.

Naturally, participants receive copies of any assessments undertaken, and they remain confidential between the participants and their facilitator/coach.

Momentum 1on1 Development Model

We have accreditations in a variety of psychological assessment tools and we will work with you to determine what best suits the desired result in your organisation.

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