Organisation Development

In partnership with our clients, we design, facilitate, and embed Organisation Development (OD) processes and practices into the organisation to support your organisation’s success. To do this, we draw on a creative combination of OD, HR  and behavioural science, experience and subject knowledge.

Organisation Development is about improving your organisation’s performance capability to be more effective by considering all parts of the organisation system. Systems thinking means having the ability to see the bigger picture, the relationships, and dependencies between what might, at first, seem to be completely unrelated.  Figure 1 illustrates the interconnectedness of the organisation by considering People, Practices & Processes, Technology and Structure along with the Internal and External Operating Context of the organisation. All these elements play a vital part in the planning/change process. Understanding that if one part of the system is changed, it impacts other parts of the system.

Fundamentally any organisation initiative will have varying levels and depths of change. In considering the Dimensions of Change (Drivers, Engagement, Impact, Risk and Outcomes) is it a case of Recalibration, Realigning or Refining?

Managing continuous change is the new constant in organisations and responding to constant change is most cited as the biggest challenge in organisations today. The ability to lead in constantly changing environments, and manage the change processes, within a psychologically safe transitional environment for staff has become a core competency for leaders. It is our experience that most organisations focus on what needs to change and forget the Psychological & Emotional Reorientation to Change. Whether the initial change and subsequent effect on other organisation systems are positive or negative will be determined by a myriad of complex factors which need to be considered in the entire change process.

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Human Resouces by Design OD Model

Figure 1

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