Accelerate Women

Accelerate Women is a pro-bono development program designed to help women realise their full potential in the world of work.

Research tells us that women are significantly underrepresented in organisations globally and they often need to develop a particular set of skills to facilitate this process. Further, although women don’t want to necessarily receive special treatment, a KPMG survey found that 70% of women were more likely to speak about career challenges to other women. They found that in mixed-gender groups it is less common for discussion on the second-generation gender bias to surface …. Women-only programs get deeper faster.

However, the global data on the position of women’s participation rates at various levels of organisations globally continues to be low.

Generally, there are five key areas where women can be assisted to become leaders or more confident leaders. The main areas are self-esteem, self-worth, assertiveness, mentors, and support. 

Accelerate Women consists of six monthly sessions of two hrs duration. It is open to eligible women, through an interview process, who believe they would benefit personally and professionally by developing awareness and skills to help them set into their power!

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Accelerate Women

Accelerate Contents

Clarity & Purpose

  • Why are you here? What do you want out of your career? What brings meaning to your work.
  • Growth in mindset, self-compassion/self-care

Career Mastery

  • My personal brand (what do you want to be known for?
  • Mentors and sponsors and visibility,

Leadership Now

  • Understanding gender mindsets, the value of female input,
  • Power and presence


  • Assertiveness, managing conflict and potential derailment factors)


  • Mindfulness energy focus, managing emotions, creating boundaries

Building Resilience

  • Optimism and grace under fire learning how to apply these when it matters, when it comes to your success
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