People Skills

Leaders are expected to communicate effectively with people at all levels. They are expected to influence others, make decisions, expected to lead happy and productive teams and produce successful outcomes for the business.

Contemporary research tells us that ‘soft skills’ for leaders are in demand.  Do you think the term soft skills, although a generally accepted term, really encompasses what additional business skills need?  Soft suggests – comfortable, gentle and easy. The term ‘soft skills’ does not truly reflect what we need to understand when connecting with people.  There is nothing ‘soft’ about soft skills. I prefer to call them People Skills. Think of a time you had to navigate through the delivery of bad news, an unpopular decision, manage a poor performance issue, terminate an employee’s employment or make an employee redundant. There’s nothing soft about these situations. They can be really tough. They are challenging, emotionally draining and I’m told, keep leaders up at night. As difficult as these situations are, in the passage of time, most employees will forget the reasons they found themselves in such circumstances, yet they will never forget how we made them feel.

Conversely, if you have a great team that perform well and have great co-worker relationships, as the leader you still need to help them stay on top of their game. Having great people skills and using those skills to connect and engage people will see them flourish as a team, develop individually and stay engaged.

People skills are about how well you connect and communicate with others. How you understand people, their drives and motivations and how you interpret their reactions. It’s about understanding how people tick!

It also about understanding how you tick, and we provide opportunities to deepen your understanding of how you tick as well.

In developing great people skills, you can become a key influencer within your immediate and broader network. In accomplishing this you will become a more thoughtful leader whose career path will be significantly enhanced.

HR by Design programs are designed for Aspiring Leaders, Developing Leaders, Senior and Executive Leaders wanting to build their leadership capabilities by developing their People Skills through self-knowledge and understanding how people tick!

People Skills Team Meeting

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