Manager holding figures in hands
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What the hell is wrong with this manager???

As a manager, you may wonder why staff are not performing to the level you believe they could or should and you probably get frustrated! Sometimes, and for a whole range of reasons staff performance can dip however and we know that there…
poor performance three strikes
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Managing Poor Performance

Poor performance - Are you confident about managing it?  Most people managers I meet, are not! Managers fear they will be accused of bullying, mental stress, harassment and unfair treatment. The level of anxiety that managers have about…
Career Derailment

Career Derailment - Are you or anyone you know, in danger of their Career Derailing?

Career Derailment. Did you know that 30 to 50% of high potential managers and executives experience Career Derailment? Research tells us that those who want to lead, like to take charge and are dissatisfied being a follower. They are more…